Meet Jim Daniels…

“Quit your job and make a living on the net?”

“It’s not just hype. Real people are actually doing it.”

Entrepreneur Jim Daniels started his online business with just $300.

Six months later he was earning enough to quit his day job and his “web income” has been well into six figures per year ever since.

Jim’s websites show others how to spin serious profits from the web, right from the comfort of their own homes.

If you’ve been doing business online for any length of time, more than likely, you’ve heard of Jim.

He has been featured in numerous publications over the years, online and offline, including these two issues of Entrepreneur Magazine and Opportunity Magazine…

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Smithfield, RI — Internet marketing guru Jim Daniels wasn’t always an expert on making money on the web.  “I didn’t even have a computer,” says Daniels. “In early 1996 I used my $300 tax refund to buy a used 386 computer.”  For the next few months he spent evenings online searching for the best ways to start and market an Internet business.

“By the time I’d found my way around the Internet, I had 40 pages of great tips, a kind of road map to starting your own business online.”  That became the basis for Daniels’ first publication.

Sales of his manual were so hot that he quickly saw his career changing. “I woke up one morning to realize I was making more from the Internet than I was with my regular job.”

Daniels points out that starting your own Internet-based business and quitting your regular job is often much faster and easier than people realize. “There’s an important key to building a profitable small business very quickly.  Avoid costly mistakes. Get expert advice.”

Daniels’ newest creation, “ezWebBusinessBuilder2”, has been receiving rave reviews from both newcomers to Internet marketing and web marketing veterans alike. Daniels describes it as a complete package of “information, services and support” for anyone interested in making their living online. “There’s really nothing else quite like it on the Internet.”

Daniels’ philosophy is simple: “You’ve got to utilize all the latest, smart marketing tactics available to the little guy”.

“No question about it,” Daniels says. “Fortunes are being made on the Net and there’s no reason why ordinary people can’t be a big part of it.” Daniels has certainly proven that possibility with his own example.

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